negPOINT at a glance

negPOINT simplifies your work! With negPOINT you can organize RFxs and auctions online, get structured reports at the push of a button, and can reuse previously entered data.

Get a closer picture of it with the help of our following videos!

Creating RFx

Learn how to organize an RFx with negPOINT.

Placing offers in RFx

negPOINT makes it easy for suppliers to bid for RFx'.

Reporting for RFx

With negPOINT reports of RFx‘ are created automatically.

Creating an auction

Auctions can be created quickly with negPOINT. Here we show you how.

Placing offers in an auction

Bidding at auctions can be a complicated procedure, but negPOINT makes it simple. See how easily suppliers can submit their offers at auctions.

Reporting for auctions

Obtain the report of an auction with only a few clicks. Select auction, then select report, and done!