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As a consulting firm we carefully deal with the problems of our clients as external consultants. Our consulting approach is in the area of management consulting, where we focus on the areas of strategy & management, marketing & sales, processes & organization, IT & software, and finance.

The company history goes back to 2005 when the first company of the group was founded. Our international focus of activities currently is in the following regions:
-Europe: especially DACH and CEE
-Asia: especially MENA
-America: especially the US

During the last 12 years the team of employees at iV CONSULT has helped clients to achieve their business targets in different setups, industries, and countries.

iV CONSULT loves to share experiences, knowledge, and contacts to accelerate growth, empower others, and help them to fail less, learn quickly, and succeed faster.

Our success is not only based on our expert knowledge and the commitment of our employees, but also on our wide network.